Yoga Benefits

As you may have assumed, yoga offers a plethora of health benefits that when practiced right, can better the overall quality of your life. But most people are not aware of said benefits and this article is focused on educating people about how yoga can bring a good influence in your life.

1.    Muscle strength

People usually assume that having muscles only go to increase how well a person looks when in reality, it can protect us from a lot such as back pain and arthritis in later stages of our lives. Not only do you gain muscle strength, but the muscles that you develop will also be flexible. This is in stark contrast with building muscles at the gym where flexibility is compromised in order to make room for strength.

2.    Cartilage and joints

 Cartilage and joints

While practicing yoga, each of your joints, as well as cartilages, are made to work which can prevent dangerous diseases such as degenerative arthritis. This is mainly due to the fact that your cartilage moves around in areas that they usually do not go which increases flexibility. When the cartilages are moved, it gets a fresh supply of nutrients after the ones that were previously being used is squeezed out.

3.    Posture correction

 Posture correction

Since your back has the responsibility to hold the weight of your head, it is important that your head is perfectly balanced on top of your spine. This is the reason why it is important to stay erect since the muscles that support your back do not have to strain a lot. Having a poor posture isn’t going to ruin your back alone; your neck, as well as your joints, will experience a considerable amount of problems.

4.    Bone health


If you lift weights regularly, you do not have to worry about bone decaying diseases such as osteoporosis and yoga has plenty of exercises and postures where you have to lift your own body weight. These postures and exercises can also help increase bone density as well as control stress which can, in turn, help your bones through the reduction of a particular stress hormone called cortisol

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