Well, yoga isn’t all about being calm and relaxed – there are some quite interesting facts about Yoga too, which will surely get you out of your peaceful trance, making you wonder –”oh, really?!. Without wasting too much time, let’s take you to these facts which even you would love to know about and share among your gang of fellow yogis!

  1. There are 19 different types of Yoga and 66 different postures, each benefitting a specific body part.
  2. Where did slow breathing originate from? Int he ancient days, the yogis believed that we had a limited number of breaths! That’s why they made most of the so-called ‘limited’ breaths by slowing them down! And that’s why to date deep breathing is an essential part of yoga!posture
  3. The first ever book in the world was written by the Yogis – and it was of course, based on yoga!
  4. Owing to its flexibility, Lenovo has named a tablet ‘Yoga’! Way to go, Lenovo!
  5. If you’re an afternoon or evening bird, you need to know this – Yoga will benefit you the most when practiced in the morning. As per the ancient Yogis, dawn is the best time as it consists of prana, which translates into ‘life.’
  6. The Swastika, an essential symbol of Yoga, was created by the ancient Yogis – not by the Nazis who are mistakenly credited as the ones who came up with the symbol.
  7. Only in the United States, around 35 million people practice Yoga – imagine the massive influence Yoga must have had on the rest of the world! Yoga started off slowly, but now it has reached masses rapidly – so much so, the Yoga gear industry too, is thriving in the world – It’s worth almost $16 billion now!benefits-of-yoga
  8. The Indian Postal Service released a stamp dedicated to Yoga, commemorating the first International Yoga Day on June 21, 2015! Indians revere Yoga – after all, India is the land where this wonderful therapy was born.
  9. Maximum exposure of skin was considered to be essential in yoga – to make sure that along with you, the entire body breathes and benefits from Yogasanas, which is why Naked Yoga is gaining popularity in Europe and the United States.
  10. Laughter Yoga is one type of Yoga – also commonly known as ‘Hasyayoga’ is practiced in more than 60 countries and is also gaining popularity across the world.
  11. BKS Iyengar was the path-breaking pioneer of modern Yoga – both in India as well as across the world.

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