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To tell the truth, I personally find the topic very much irrelevant.  If you are doing something to save our home would you call it contributing? I definitely would not. It is because it is more like a duty than a contribution. This argument of whether it is contribution or duty of an individual to do something to save the environment can go on and on.

There are a lot of things that are happening around us that pollute the environment which we do have control over. But there are a few that we can change because we have complete control over it. Here are some of those.

Stop/reduce eating meat

Stop/reduce eating meat

The research conducted by The Environmental Working Group has concluded that red meat is the reason for ten to forty times of greenhouse emissions. Moreover, the food that used to feed these animals can be used to feed nearly eight hundred million people. So it is high time that you go green and go meatless.

Change your car driving habits

Automobiles are one of the biggest sources of air pollution. They contribute more than forty percent to the entire air pollution. But we have come to a point where we cannot live without using automobiles. Hence try to avoid using them as much as possible. Opt for walking for short distances. Also maintain your vehicles properly so that the exhaust from it is not polluting the environment.

Use of water

Try to minimize the use of water as much as possible. Did you know that on a daily basis we use sixty-five percent of water in bathrooms? So, simple things like having shorter showers and closing the taps properly will make a huge difference.

Reduce the amount of paper use

It is a fact that more than forty percent of the trees that are cut are used for making papers. We all know what happens when large numbers of trees are cut. The most important thing is that there is an imbalance in the ecosystem and the reduction in the number of trees affects the rainfall. Cutting of trees also damages the living habitat for many creatures.

Use refillable water bottles and reusable lunch containers

Use refillable water bottles and reusable lunch containers

This is one of the easiest places where you can implement the concept of reusing. Bottles of low quality and throw away packaging do nothing but increase the trash load. If good quality bottles are used, then we can use them again for a long time as they do not get that damaged that easily.

Use your won cloth bag

Whether you are going to buy groceries or going for dress shopping, make sure that you take your own cloth bag. Don’t expect the shop to provide you with their plastic bags. These plastic covers that given in the shops alone can contribute for tons and tons of non-degradable wastes. So carry your own cloth bag and bid goodbye to the plastic bags once in for all.

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