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Environmentalism – A detailed explanation

It is a known fact that we put all the effort to maintain the place that we dwell in. We clean it, make repairs if necessary, make sure that the garden is perfect and indulge in a lot of other things to keep the house in the best way possible. We do it because it is our home, and we live in it.

Isn’t it the same for our planet? Earth is more like our home, and we are not taking any steps to take care of it or prevent it from the harm that is caused. We use all its resources, pollute it, use all the other living organisms like animals, plants, and microorganisms. We really don’t care about anything and the consequences that we will face in the future.

Environmentalism is the thought process of giving the Earth the care that it deserves to ensure the survival of life on this planet. The concept of Environmentalism deals with more of recognizing the issues faced by the environment and coming up with the solution for them.

Problems faced by the planet

Earth is one enormous place with a diameter of almost 13000 Km. It is acceptable that you are not aware of what is happening in every corner of the earth. Leave the things happening in some place on the earth; we are not even aware that the normal things that we indulge in are affecting the planet and the environment.  Just simple math will give a clear picture. The total population of the earth is 7.5 billion. Imagine if everyone is burning a plastic cover. Now think of the amount of carbon that we have added to the atmosphere.


Many might think what we did with the resources? Well, the common man might not have done anything directly. But indirectly we are using the resources of the earth in one way or the other. Simple things like overuse of water are also considered as the resource exploitation. If this is the case for the common man, then think about the heavy industries that are entirely dependent on them?

Energy Supply

The energy crisis is one of the major problems that many countries are facing. Even though we are gradually shifting to reviewable sources, we still have a long way to go. Our main sources of energy are atomic energy and fossil fuels. Both of them are very harmful to the environment and human health. Fossil fuels are on the verge of being extinct because of over-exploitation.

Waste pollution

Before the 20th century, this was not even an issue. People used to convert the waste into a composite.  But now we have undergone a drastic change; now there are these huge sites where all the wastes are being dumped. Some don’t even care of separating the degradable and non-degradable wastes. Even though people are well educated in matters like reusing and recycling, they really don’t seem to practice them in real life.

The solutions

The first step for any solution is recognizing the problem. Understanding the concepts of environment and ecosystem will help us have a clear picture of the issues. The solution comes not just by knowing, it comes, only when ideas are implemented in actions.

Things can be handled better if we have a better idea of the environmental laws, how technology can be used to preserve nature, how conservation can be done, how to educate the future generation, how to raise the voice against the injustice against the environment and how to support environmental activists.

Most complicated yoga poses

It is a fact that we are mesmerized by the scene when experienced and advanced yoga practitioners perform some complicated yoga poses. There are some poses that make us think whether there are bones in their body or not. The flexibility of their bodies literally sweeps us off our feet. It would take years for someone to do these poses perfectly. But if you are able to dedicate yourself fully and work hard towards it, you can also do it. Here are some of the most complex yoga poses.

Eka Hasta Vrksasana – One Handed Tree Pose



We all know that balancing our bodies with two hands itself is a difficult task; a few yogis can do it on one. This posture is a piece of the fifth and sixth part in Ashtanga, and would clearly just be reasonable for any individual who can nail the ordinary handstand. If you are able to do it perfectly, you will have amazing center body strength, high concentration, and solid wrists as your entire body is balancing on one of them.

Sirsa Padasana – Head to Foot Pose

This posture is a standout amongst the most exceptional backbends out there. There is a ton going on in the pose that includes balance, extreme mental concentration, and the self-evident—a mix of strengthening the back and improving the flexibility of the spine.

Pungu Mayurasana – Wounded Peacock

This posture is basically a Peacock posture that utilizes just a single arm. Peacock posture improves the strength of the waist, shoulders, and arms and enhances processing because of the weight connected by the arms. The one arm balance really tests mental concentration. It is important that it should be done with both sides or else it causes a digestive imbalance.

Gandha Bherundasana – Formidable Face Pose

It is one the most pretzel-esque when compared to all of the asanas, and at first look, it looks more flexibility specialist than yoga expert. The last posture is an extraordinary stretch over the front of the body and just as overall flexibility of the spine. In the final pose, you would now be able to scratch your nose with your toes. So basically, there no moment that you can do.

Kala Bhairavasana – Destroyer of universe pose

While this posture looks noteworthy, it is evidently not as complicated as the poses that are listed above. Considering every aspect, setting one leg behind the head requires exceptional flexibility and adaptable hips, and doing it with the body off the floor while adjusting on one side requires extraordinary, mental concentration and physicality

Yoganidrasana – Yoga Sleep Pose

If you are considering this pose as complicated, well you guessed it right. It is basically Sleeping Turtle (Supta Kurmasana) flipped on to the back, and it is said to enhance a deep feeling of calmness. As the name signifies, a few yogis do rest and sleep in this position. It really astonishes me when it is said that yogis sleep in that position.

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